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The Intersection of Cyber and ITAM Podcast Series

The Intersection of Cyber and ITAM Podcast Series: In each episode, we shine a light into how federal leaders can best reduce IT risks and overall costs – for enhancing IT and overall mission success. From having the powerful knowledge to best manage all IT assets to government agency success stories to ensuring that system integrator partners are best supporting you, we provide you with all of the insights and knowledge needed to smoothly transition across today’s cyber and ITAM intersection.

Podcast #1 – “Knowledge is Power for Reducing IT Risk and Cost” with Tom Boudreau

Today’s defense organizations are faced with the challenge of fully understanding what IT assets they have for best reducing risk and minimizing unbudgeted expenses. Many are still relying on cumbersome and manual-driven Excel and SharePoint spreadsheets for tracking all IT assets – from determining vulnerabilities to purchasing data, to what solutions are supported or authorized. In this episode of the Intersection of Cyber and ITAM podcast series, Tom Boudreau at Flexera will share how Flexera can help mitigate these challenges, as well as a case study regarding how the U.S. Army Material Command reduced its IT risk and overall costs using the Flexera IT Management Solution.

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Podcast #2 – “Getting Proactive on Cybersecurity with ITAM” with Matt Crawford

There’s a spacing issue in the paragraph on this page, update to – “Most agencies need to constantly watch for cyberattacks and prevent vulnerabilities across all software and applications. A key part of achieving this is automating the outdated software and hardware identified by an agency’s IT asset management (ITAM) process. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) was able to achieve this through its partnership with Flexera. In this episode of the Intersection of the Cyber and ITAM podcast series, Matt Crawford at Flexera, will provide a deep dive into this DOE case study – ultimately providing a playbook for any other agency to replicate when it comes to enhancing the ITAM process.

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Podcast #3 – “Are We Vulnerable to Attack?” with Frank Young

FITARA, Megabyte, and the Modernizing Government Technology Act are all powerful pieces of legislation that are helping to address everything from IT inventory management to overall modernization and security. The Department of Defense (DoD) has certainly been ahead of the curve when it comes to embracing these types of IT-driven legislation and policies. In this episode of the Intersection of the Cyber and ITAM podcast series, Frank Young at Flexera will be discussing how Flexera worked with a DoD agency to address their most pressing obstacles including poor visibility into IT assets and vulnerability risk.

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Podcast #4 – “Systems Integrators Embrace the Cloud” with Mark Wohlgemuth

Systems integrators (SI) face growing demand for solutions that combine elements from the IT world and emerging technologies. Though, finding all the technologies for these complex systems can be challenging – and SIs need to be future-focused to meet emerging mission needs. In this episode of the Intersection of Cyber and ITAM podcast series, Mark Wohlgemuth at Flexera will share how today’s SIs are helping agencies to more easily cross cloud and cyber intersection in government.

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