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2022 F5 Public Sector Symposium

The 9th Annual F5 Public Sector Symposium was held on April 19-21, 2022, in Tysons Corner, VA. At the interactive symposium, attendees explored new strategies to ensure the security, availability, and speed of their mission-critical apps. The event featured a keynote by Nicolas Chaillan, the First U.S. Air Force and Space Force Chief Software Officer as well as self-paced labs, workshops, and NGINX certification trainings.


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Keynote Speakers

Certification Prep Courses

Here are some resources to the F5 Certification Process Overview:

  • F5 Certifications Mega Meta Series: The art of knowing what you need to know
  • F5 Certifications Mega Meta Series: The cool side of the exam development process
  • F5 Certification | Exams and blueprints

Boot Camp 101

This course is designed for customers who are relatively new to the F5 product portfolio and are looking to take the first step on the path to F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator. This training encompassed networking basics, discussed where application calls are made in the TCP/IP stack, and helped the end user prepare for the F5 Certified Professional 101 exam on Application Delivery Fundamentals.

Boot Camp 201

The 200-level education track is for F5 administrators who have had some hands-on experience with the BIG-IP Platform and who wish to finish getting their Certified BIG-IP Administrator certification by taking the 201 exam. This track focused on TMOS (Traffic Management Operating System) Administration and LTM (Local Traffic Manager) Fundamentals. As a prerequisite, attendees should have either successfully passed the 101 exam, and/or have a minimum of 6 months of hands-on experience with the Big IP Platform.

Boot Camp 301

The 300-level education track focuses on an understanding of underlying principles – from SSL-based VPN implementation to symmetric and asymmetric acceleration and custom monitors. As a prerequisite, attendees should have their F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator (F5-CA) certification.

NGINX Accreditation

As government and education organizations continue to embrace modern application development processes, we are seeing an increased demand for NGINX expertise and experience in new job openings. As a result, we offered a new NGINX 100 and 200 level accreditation series.

Sessions Included:

• NGINX Plus

• NGINX App Protect

• NGINX Kubernetes Ingress Controller

• OpenShift + CIS and BIG-IP Ingress-Link with Ingress Controller

• NGINX App Protect Advanced Topics

• Rancher Specific with NGINX Plus

We will be rerunning these accreditation labs in the near future.

Solution Sessions

The sessions in this track were specially curated content meant for senior IT leaders, project managers, C-level executives, cybersecurity professionals, and engineers that aren't interested in certification boot camps. This quick hitting, diverse content touched on relevant topics ranging from Zero Trust, securing applications across all your cloud environments with one WAF, what does a modern application architecture look like, cybersecurity threat research torn right out of current headlines, an overview of F5's next gen platforms, and finally a look at our portfolio offerings that integrate with SUSE Rancher and Red Hat OpenShift.


  • F5’s One WAF: WAF Protection, when and where it’s needed
  • Zero Trust: Making Sense Today & Tomorrow
  • Complete Protection for your Application Delivery Mission
  • Findings from the 2022 Application Protection Report
  • Modern Application Reference Architectures
  • Learn how to talk like you understand Kubernetes
  • BIG-IP Next Overview: VELOS & rSeries Platforms implementation
  • Using the F5 Portfolio with SUSE Rancher & Red Hat
  • Simply, Secure & Scale your Kubernetes Deployments with SUSE Rancher & F5 NGINX

Partner Engagement

This track was geared for F5 partners and any government employees that are interested in taking a deeper dive into some of the common use cases that our customers are demanding of technology professionals. We covered multiple Public Sector use cases throughout the day.

Use Cases Reviewed:

• Instance Manager (Discovery & Management)

• ADC for Cloud

• API Security

• NGINX App Protect

• Service Mesh

• Kubernetes Ingress Controller

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