Paperwork has never been part of the mission. Today, there's a better way to do business.

As agencies respond to modernization imperatives and supporting a remote workforce, the need to replace manual, paper-based forms with digital processes has become paramount.

DocuSign can partner with your agency to deliver on the mission in areas such as:

  • Forms containing PII
  • Telework request forms
  • Employee offboarding and onboarding
  • Loan and grant management
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Procurement sourcing
  • Telemedicine / Patient Consent Forms

These digital documents are delivered to your employees and constituents by a FedRAMP Moderate and 508 compliant (for both signer and sender) platform.

By leveraging the FedRAMP QuickStart Package below DocuSign can aid your agency to comply with Federal law as well as drive efficiencies, internal cost savings, and improve customer outcomes.

Micro-Purchase Pilot Option - $9,900

  • 1 Use Case
  • 1000 envelopes Enterprise Pro FedRAMP (unlimited users)
  • Adoption Consulting delivers within 90 days from purchase

Enterprise Premier Support

  • Valid through 9/30/2022


Every year, government agencies spend a combined $38.7 billion on paper- intensive, manual processes that have nothing to do with their missions. Time and money that could be spent creating value is wasted on paperwork that frustrates both citizens and government employees and creates unnecessary risk.

It’s an always-on, digital world now. People want—and increasingly expect to have—the ability to conduct business securely through self-serve, mobile-friendly, digital tools that are available 24/7. Doing business with the federal government should be no exception - let DocuSign help digitize the way you prepare, sign, act on and manage your agreements.

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