Use Dantex 3D Interactive to enhance your Agency’s Citizen experience

The Dantex 3D Interactive Virtual Platform is a powerful tool that can help the government achieve a wide range of benefits, including increased efficiency, much better service to their constituents, reduced costs, better employee engagement and a highly effective onboarding processes saving precious time and taxpayer money.

Clients include an impressive roster of global enterprise organizations and companies allowing Dantex to bring commercial best practices for optimizing government needs across the board. Our solution enables large entities to communicate more effectively to both their internal and external stakeholders with visually compelling messaging that better conceptually describes needs, services, and solutions.

Leveraging AI, Dantex Group has been able to not only enhance its sophisticated visualization communication platform, but also increase the speed to market of addressing government needs from Federal to State / Local levels. This permits you to deliver service solutions with much greater efficiency and allows for a phenomenal citizen experience.

The Dantex solution involves an innovative technology communications platform which is a SaaS-based solution licensed to the client. It is multi-language, multi-channel, and agnostic to its delivery medium (web, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) Since it is browser-based there is no need for plug-ins or programs to be installed on the user´s device. The core platform is composed of two modules including a powerful interactive 3D Front-End Interface, and a robust data-rich Back-End Dashboard combining to provide a best-in-class capability linking analytics and design.

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