Cylance Webinars

  • 8 Ways Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Enables Productivity

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    During this webinar, attendees learned-

    • UEM's Unified, multi-OS endpoint management across all ownership models
    • How UEM provides an integrated view across multiple ownership models and platforms
    • Ways Zero Trust meets security team needs
  • Defend Against Future Cyberattacks in Education, State, and Local Governments

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    During this webinar we discussed:

    • How to minimize your organization's risk and protect it from the costs of non-compliance
    • Combining AI-driven threat detection with automated response capabilities to help analysts at all skill levels to thwart sophisticated attacks before executed
    • Using the power of Artificial Intelligence, Algorithmic Science, and Machine Learning to predict known and unknown attacks
  • Hacking Exposed - A Look Inside The Techniques of OceanLotus/APT32

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    During this webinar, attendees:

    • Learned about the ever-changing threat landscape and how you can prevent and respond to today's most pervasive threats - including ones never seen before
    • Received hands-on experience with modern security tools
    • Discovered vital techniques for use in your own testing