Watch thought-provoking government and industry speakers examine the current state of government customer experience (CX) and share best practices and next steps towards governments’ digital transformation, CX, constituent engagement, and service delivery initiatives. Leaders from Federal, State, and Local governments, along with industry experts, share successful CX approaches, discuss how technology helps expand the digital delivery of services, and improve the trust customers have in those services and the organizations delivering them.

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Moving Needles: Operationalizing Customer Experience (CX) in Government

Now, more than ever, government agencies must get customer experience—service delivery to the public and within their agency—right. Some agencies do this better than others. Some excel at it. Why has CX become so important and where is it going?

  • Tom Guarini, AVP, Delphix (opening remarks)
  • Barbara Morton, Deputy Chief Veterans Experience Officer, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


Personalization in Government: Build Trust with Omni-Channel Experiences

The right information, the right service, the right time. Omni-channel experiences use modern technology to create simple, seamless, secure, and scalable experiences that connect citizens with what they’re looking for when they need it most. Personalization in government leverages data and insights, dynamic content across web, mobile, and apps, intelligent forms, and personalized and automated communication to build trust in government service delivery and strengthen and empower the workforce.

  • Nancy McNee Newell, Head of Marketing Experiences, Adobe 


How CX Executive Order Changes Things

Last December, the White House put a priority on CX as part of the federal management agenda, elevating sustained, cross-government service delivery processes. The objective has broad aims, from improving customer-facing services, to modernizing and improving systems and reducing administrative burdens.

  • Jonathan Alboum, Federal CTO & Principal Digital Strategist, ServiceNow
  • Steven Boberski, Business Development Executive, Genesys
  • Jessie Posilkin, Customer Experience Portfolio Lead, Technology Modernization Fund, U.S. General Services Administration

CX Cultural Literacy

How can federal agencies set the tone not only to implement technologies that improve CX, but also foster a workforce culture that can leverage it best? In other words, how are agencies training and implementing workforce to deliver effective CX across multiple networks, capabilities, and operations serving internal and external customers?

  • Mike RupertAssociate Chief Technology Officer for Customer Experience, Washington, D.C.
  • Mia JordanDigital Transformation Executive, Public Sector, Salesforce
  • Ms. Anne ArmstrongVP, Strategic Alliances, GovExec 360


GOV Experience Beyond the Survey

Government has realized the need for superior customer experience as a core strategy in fulfilling its collective missions. The importance of experience has been underscored by recent Executive Orders, and is a common theme in the recent Biden Admin’s PMA. The “What” and "Where" to focus on to improve that experience is clearly defined. However, the mechanics of “How” we improve Experience at scale comes with massive disruption across the entire Govt ecosystem and community. How can we achieve innovation and transformation through an Experience-Centric lens without significant disruption?

  • Billy BiggsVP - Public Sector, Walkme, Inc

Data is Fundamental

Data is the lifeblood of CX goals, including tapping diversity, inclusion, accessibility, for customers, as well as setting a path for the organization. Managing data from customer interactions can improve future performance and set a more effective course for services.

  • Evan AlbertDirector of Measurement and Data Analytics, Veteran Experience Office, Enterprise Measurement and Design, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Taka ArigaChief Data Scientist and Director of the Innovation Lab, Government Accountability Office
  • Charlotte LeeStrategic Lead, CX and Innovation, Granicus
  • Tiffany SmithManager, Public Sector Solutions, Sprinklr
  • Pat McLoughlinChief Data Officer, Maryland 


Improved Choice and Access in Taxes to Improve Trust in Government

  • Robert WenReleaseTEAM Consultant, Atlassian Certified Expert, SAFe trainer, Atlassian (opening remarks)
  • Ken CorbinCommissioner, Wage and Investment Division and Chief Taxpayer Experience Officer, Internal Revenue Service


Frictionless Fraud Prevention: Stopping Fraud Without Adding Friction to the Customer Experience

Cutting-edge identity proofing technologies are needed by agencies for accurately identifying users while reducing the fraud footprint. From multi-modal biometrics to liveness detection and anti-spoofing, this discussion is informative for strategists and technologists alike. If fraud is a concern in your organization, watch now.

  • Stuart WellsCTO, Jumio


It’s All in the Acquisition

Acquisition can be the foundation of good CX. Incorporating CX processes and user input into the buying process can yield focused, effective acquisitions that fit into agency goals.

  • Stephen EllisGovernment Solutions Lead, Zoom
  • Holly JoersProgram Executive Officer, Defense Healthcare Management Systems 


The Path to Optimal CX

Agencies have to multi-task to get to efficient and effective CX, including managing digital services across multiple delivery channels and increasing self-service options across those channels. What’s the best path?

  • Russell BrodskyRegional Vice President, Government Sales, Nuance
  • Fred ButlerAccount Executive, DocuSign
  • Vanetta PledgerChief Information Officer and Director of Information Technology Services, City of Alexandria


Delight and Amaze Government Customers with Document Generation and Contract Management

Whether you have hundreds, thousands, or millions of constituents to serve, you also have a staff that’s only a fraction of that number, meaning increased efficiency can be a difference-maker. Two areas that are ripe for improvement in many government agencies and departments are documents generation and contract management. And when those areas are augmented with automation, the results are improved citizen, customer, and vendor satisfaction. This session explores how to get started today with document generation and contract management.

  • Cesar del AguilaPublic Sector Director, Conga

Closing Government Panel

The pandemic has only underscored the importance of CX, showing that effective services and processes serve not only agencies’ missions, but also the public. Moving ahead, how can agencies use the past two years’ experiences to shape their CX efforts.

  • Clare Martorana, Federal Chief Information Officer, Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President
  • Mina HsiangAdministrator, U.S. Digital Service
  • Raylene YungExecutive Director of the Technology Modernization Fund, U.S. General Services Administration
  • Rusty James, Director Channel Sales, ABBYY (closing remarks)