Cloudera Data in Motion Series

Cloudera Data in Motion Learning Series

Cloudera presented a virtual learning series on how to utilize Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) to analyze data with clear traceability- quickly and securely. This in-depth series covered:

  • Flow Management (Apache NiFi) and how it helps ingest, parse, filter, transform, and manage data from edge-to-cloud using a no-code interface
  • Kafka and how it provides streams messaging services including schema management, data replication, and monitoring
  • Apache Flink, a new complex event processing engine that delivers sophisticated real-time analytics
  • How CDF completes a modern end-to-end real-time analytics solution


Stream the Cloudera Learning Series 1 now to learn more about using Cloudera DataFlow in IoT.

Stream the Cloudera Learning Series 2 now to learn more about how Cloudera DataFlow can prevent and defend cyber-attacks.