An Ai Future Relies on the Strength of Robust Data Management

An Ai future relies on the strength of federal and state agencies to adopt data management frameworks that lay the groundwork for the advanced technologies of tomorrow.

Whether on-premises or in a hybrid cloud environment, Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) can help:

An Ai future relies on the Strength of Robust Data Management Graphic
  • Government Agencies Adopt Mission-Driven Data Strategies: Having a data strategy that aligns with an agency’s mission and supports its most critical efforts is key, and governments at all levels are adopting data strategies to build the foundation for future technologies.
  • Private Sector Perspective and Best Practices: Solving data governance challenges requires public private partnerships and collaborating with middle managers, internally and with industry partner.
  • Identify Data Needs and Maximize Innovation: Agencies can focus on end-product and analytics, they must first understand the data life cycle.
  • Data Management Lays the Foundation for Advanced Technologies: With sound data strategies in place, agencies have begun to implement advanced technologies like AI and machine learning. Today smart cities are relying on a data-centric infrastructure with standards that allow for incoming real time sensor data to ignite real time action and insights.