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Cloudera Accelerates Zero Trust and Data in Motion

Automating Data Orchestration & Securing Operations for Defense Agencies

To overcome the challenges of silos and proprietary data observation tools, federal agencies must leverage data in motion systems to automate security operations and improve data analytics. Cloudera Dataflow with data orchestration capabilities enables defense teams to streamline data-driven insights, optimize the flow of observable data on a unified platform, improve storage utilization and protect sensitive data systems.

Access the webinars to discover the power of Cloudera’s data in motion platform. See how your defense organization can leverage Cloudera to make informed decisions, maximize efficiency and enhance agility. Learn to accelerate your agency’s digital transformation with Cloudera’s data management platform and zero trust architecture.

Data movement
Data Movement Across All Environments
Zero Trust
Zero Trust & SecOps Automation: The Future of DoD Security Operations

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