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Manual software delivery can result in extended audit lengths, issues with release and increased overhead for an organization’s time to market. CloudBees Software Delivery Automation Platform enables enterprises to optimize their software delivery process for increased innovation and security by connecting, automating and orchestrating the tools and functions across development, operations and shared service teams.

The Definitive Guide to Modern Software Delivery Automation preview
The Definitive Guide to Modern Software Delivery
Ensure security and compliance, optimize your agency's end-to-end delivery lifecycle and reduce the risk and cost of software delivery with CloudBees Software Delivery Automation Platform.
9 Ways DevOps and Automation Bolster Security and 
            Compliance report preview
9 Ways DevOps and Automation Bolster Security and Compliance
Utilize powerful risk mitigation, compliance and government tools with CloudBees, the industry’s leading DevOps technology platform.
Modernizing Software Delivery report preview
Modernizing Software Delivery with End-to-End Automation, Orchestration, and Collaboration
Delivery automation, paired with an organizational structure that enables collaboration and communication, drives success for agencies from top to bottom.

The CloudBees Platform enables users to go from lengthy and manual delivery to efficient and automatic, eliminating error without sacrificing security and integration.

With this Software Delivery Automation Platform trial, you will gain access to:

  • Ten (10) licenses of CloudBees Software Delivery Automation Platform, as well as access to SME support from a CI/CD engineer.
  • Licenses come with CI/CD, Release Orchestration, and Software Delivery Automation Platform Analytics capabilities.
  • 30-day access to CloudBees in a CloudBees-hosted sandbox environment, along with prebuilt configurations and integrations with common DevSecOps tooling to run Jenkins-based workflows.

Access the resources and fill out the form to learn how you can utilize CloudBees’ tested and proven Software Delivery Automation Platform for your organization.