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Imperva Podcast

Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Your Current Data Security Program While Expanding Coverage and Visibility

Event Date: June 24, 2021

Hosted By: Imperva & Carahsoft

Do you have a Data Security program or process, even one as basic as collecting logs? If you do, you will agree that getting results is complex, requires too much manual effort, is costly in more than one way, and likely doesn’t deliver on the actual results you need today or needed yesterday.

"Even though privacy may not be a huge thing, in a lot of a lot of federal organizations, it is becoming a bigger, bigger thing and state by state as they continue to grow." - Terry Ray, SVP of Strategy for Financial Services and Federal, Imperva

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Listen to the podcast to hear insights on:

  • How you can more easily secure data with no need to replace or throw out the solution you already have
  • Securing more than a small portion of your data stores without added complexity or server agents if you’re using them
  • Expanding security’s visibility to any or every location where critical data exists while reducing effort and deployed technology (On-prem, Cloud, Hybrid)

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