Optimize Your Enterprise with Nutanix Xi Beam

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Optimize Your Enterprise Cloud with Nutanix Xi Beam

Hosted By: Nutanix & Carahsoft

Listen to John Bowles, Senior Systems Engineer at Nutanix discuss how Nutanix's multi-cloud platform, Xi Beam, provides security compliance and cost governance capabilities for public and private clouds.

"One of my favorite little features here within Beam that I found out the other day is instead of relying on manual actions for repeated tasks, such as on scheduling of cloud resources, Beam can help automate those tasks." - John Bowles, Senior Systems Engineer, Nutanix

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Listen to this podcast, to learn how Nutanix Xi Beam:

  • Automates security audits and compliance remediation
  • Provides network, VM, data, and access related security audits
  • Utilizes a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model for accurate cost analysis
  • Provides automated showback and chargeback reports

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