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One-Click Database Operations with Nutanix Era

Event Date: November 16, 2020

Hosted By: Nutanix & Carahsoft

In this podcast, Roger Gibson, Systems Architect and John Weidenhammer, Systems Engineer from Nutanix will discuss how Nutanix Era automates and simplifies database management.

"So what Nutanix does as a core HCI product is simplify that stack so that, again, you can focus back on the databases, the applications, you give your admins back that time. You take all that feature rich things that you got out of an HCI environment and condense them down into an easy to use platform." - John Weidenhammer, Systems Engineer, Nutanix

Podcast Teaser

Listen to the full podcast to hear about how Nutanix Era:

  • Enables DBAs to provision, clone, and refresh their databases to any point in time
  • Can easily integrate with your preferred self-service tools, and every operation has a unique ID and is fully visible for auditing
  • Allows DBAs to define standards for their database provisioning needs with end-state driven functionality that includes high availability (HA) database deployments for mission-critical clusters

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