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Hybrid Cloud for DevSecOps with Nutanix

Event Date: February 3, 2021

Hosted By: Nutanix & Carahsoft

Listen to Nutanix’s Account Manager, Patrick Conaway, discuss Nutanix hybrid cloud’s ability to unify operations across all IT sites and clouds, simplify tasks, improve service delivery, and accelerate adoption of DevSecOps within your organization.

"The purpose of Nutanix is to replace conventional three-tier architecture and hypervisors with a more cloud-like framework. So you have rack mount servers that have direct-attached storage, either spinning disc or solid-state and a software mechanism that unifies all of those direct attached storage devices into a single pool of storage resource that is then virtualized and offered up through the hypervisor to your VM workloads." - Patrick Conaway, Account Manager, Nutanix

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