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Headlines in Cybersecurity: Phishing

Date: October 28, 2021

Hosted By: FedInsider & Carahsoft

Of all the security threats that face IT, phishing stands out because it is not an attack on the technology – it is “social engineering,” getting incautious users to click seemingly innocuous links or visit seemingly harmless websites and allowing hackers to steal user names, passwords, financial data, or other information they can use. Today, phishing is usually a “gateway crime” – hackers often use it as a way to get the credentials to gain entry into the broader IT system and launch other attacks, such as ransomware.

"State and local organizations have a very unique situation because they have to be so public facing. And you're going to have a number of opportunities for these kinds of threat vectors to come into the environment. My suggestion is to pay very close attention. Do user training, but also pay very close attention to backend defense, and to have in place the best kind of threat intelligence and threat monitoring that you can have in order to evaluate what is the traffic that's getting through." - Karen Worstell, Senior Cybersecurity Strategist, VMware

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