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Headlines in Cybersecurity: Blockchain Security

Date: October 28, 2021

Hosted By: FedInsider & Carahsoft

Blockchain is most commonly considered the foundation for cryptocurrency – the usual form of payment by ransomware demands – because it is a method of recording information that makes it difficult to impossible to change, hack, or cheat records of transactions. It’s a form of “distributed ledger” that records every transaction to every participant’s copy of that ledger. As a result, blockchain holds great potential to provide high levels of security for government agencies, provided they understand that transparency of transactions also is one of its characteristics.

"By building kind of best in class data, [Chainalysis is] able to analyze that and distill it into something that allows investigators and regulators to have enough visibility into the blockchain to be able to do investigations and do compliance to basically make blockchains and especially cryptocurrencies, a viable alternative and new asset class." - Amanda Wick, Chief of Legal Affairs, Chainalysis

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