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Enterprising Network Automation

Event Date: August 18, 2020

Hosted By: Red Hat & Carahsoft

Network automation is the #1 most important topic on CIOs’ minds moving forward in 2020 (Gartner). Traditional approaches to network configuration cannot keep pace with rapidly evolving technology trends and the increased workloads of modern, digital initiatives.

In Carahsoft’s new podcast, Mike Garris, Solutions Architect at Red Hat, discusses the rapid adoption of Red Hat Ansible for network automation across federal government agencies and how your team can modernize and streamline operations with Red Hat’s tool for enterprise IT automation.

"Simple, powerful and agentless - those are the three pillars of what makes [Red Hat] Ansible Automation Platform the top choice."
- Mike Garris, Solutions Architect, Red Hat

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Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform brings the community Ansible project to the enterprise, adding the features and functionality needed for team-based network automation at scale.

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