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FedInsider Podcast

Election Security: 2020 and Beyond

Event Date: January 22, 2021

Hosted By: FedInsider & Carahsoft

Election officials throughout the country, armed with cyber-trooper support from Washington, went on the offensive this year and staved off significant cyber penetration of the election process.

"We need to treat every election in the future like it was November 2020, regardless of the circumstances, the scrutiny, the media coverage. The efforts that... we applied to it should be applied every election going forward. Like the speaker said: 'Not to rest on our laurels, but to also continue to increase the efforts.'" - Justin Bernardino, Operations Manager, Registrar of Voters, Orange County, CA

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Tune in as our speakers:

  • Explore best practices to secure networks against cyber intrusion.
  • Discuss the cybersecurity threats that state and local election officials faced in 2020 and approaches to mitigate these attacks.
  • Detail governance, policy, and standards that are providing guidance on election security.

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