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Backup Exec 21: Data Backup Solution for the U.S. DOJ

Event Date: August 20, 2020

Hosted By: Veritas & Carahsoft

Supply chain complexity is rising, and the public and private sectors are stronger together. The resulting approach is called cyber collective defense, and it’s changing how businesses and the federal government protect their supply chains.

"There are thousands of companies that work in that supply chain. Getting an umbrella over them to help secure them is part of our future. And helping to educate people on just what that means is part of our future. We've got to do it."
-Brian White, Global Enablement Specialist, Veritas Technologies

Podcast Teaser

Listen to this downloadable podcast to hear General Keith Alexander, Founder and Co-CEO of IronNet, and Sandy Carter, Vice President at Amazon Web Services, discuss how a collective defense strategy allows federal agencies to:

  • Better understand their threat landscape
  • Create shared situational awareness and collaboration
  • Focus on resilience and recovery

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