Available from Carahsoft, New NVIDIA AI Enterprise Update Simplifies Artificial Intelligence Usage

Jan 19, 2022

The Carahsoft Team

Available from Carahsoft, NVIDIA AI Enterprise is a software suite that enables enterprises to support artificial intelligence on their mainstream data center servers. It aims to improve and simplify AI so that IT teams can run these modern workloads on their usual infrastructure alongside the rest of their applications. Powering data-heavy AI workloads requires specialized infrastructure.

This Friday, NVIDIA will be releasing NVIDIA AI Enterprise 1.1. The update will allow customers to use AI software in a way that is cost effective, while shrinking and simplifying workloads.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise 1.1 will feature a variety of updates. Firstly, it will provide support for containerized AI with NVIDIA software and VMware with Tanzu. These features were previously available only as a trial. This means that users can now run containerized Kubernetes programs and VMs for AI development on mainstream accelerated servers.

Additionally, users will now be able to add new AI services without the requirement of specialized and often siloed infrastructure. This will simplify the process to access and run AI tools used for development and deployment. These updates provide a complete stack of containerized software and hardware, optimized for AI.

Soon, NVIDIA will also add Tanzu support to the NVIDIA LaunchPad program for NVIDIA AI Enterprise. This addition will showcase how to develop and manage common workloads in curated labs, free of charge to qualified enterprises. Using LaunchPad, IT and AI teams can develop and manage AI systems such as chat-bots, text editors, and algorithm recommendations.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise 1.1 will also provide expanded support for NVIDIA RAPIDS containers with integrated TensorFlow and PyTorch containers. This addition will simplify the development process by removing the need to create and manage different environments.

Named NVIDIA’s 2020 Distribution Partner of the Year, Carahsoft offers NVIDIA products through the federal government network to help customers advance their AI programs.

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