Capability Domains met by Blancco

Render FCI Data Irretrievable Before IT Asset Reuse or Disposal

Secure & Complete Data Hygiene-for All Manner of Digital Media & Network Locations

No matter where FCI may exist within your infrastructure-in the cloud or private data center server-on laptops, printers, or portable USB drives-it must be removed when that device changes hands, a project ends, or if transporting unsecured devices outside of a protected area.

Blancco's data erasure solutions use best practice overwriting and firmware-based sanitization processes, along with innovative deployment methods, to efficiently and thoroughly sanitize digital FCI and CUI data-no matter where it's stored:

  • Servers
  • Loose drives
  • HDDs/SSDs (including NVMes)
  • Pcs/laptops (including Macs)
  • Mobile devices
  • Virtual machines and LUNs
  • Removable media
  • Network devices (access points, routers, switches)

  • User-Friendly, Efficient & Compliant Data Sanitization

    Blancco harnesses automation, API integrations, and industry-leading innovation to make NIST-level media sanitization cost-effective and repeatable-at scale. And, with a centralized console for comprehensive data erasure reports, your data protection compliance is validated and transparent to auditors and assessors.

    Blancco Data Erasure Products

    From our globally certified flagship product Blancco Drive Eraser to our new-to-market Blancco Network Device Eraser, we bring market-leading solutions for secure and complete data sanitization across the widest range of digital storage devices.