Carahsoft Demo Opportunity

AWS Public Sector Summit 2020

Preferred times are not guaranteed and subject to change.

Full day demos: $1,500

What is included with this opportunity:

  • Designated kiosk for specified time block
  • One 32" monitor (attached to kiosk as shown) w/ HDMI cord
  • Electric (5 amps) w/ power strip
  • 1 lead scanner
  • 1 complimentary exhibitor badge

What should you bring:

  • Laptop, iPad, or any additional AV you need (e.g., Mac adapters)
  • Literature/collateral and giveaways
  • Business cards
  • Rotating slideshow for your space while away from demo space

What is prohibited:

  • Tablecloths
  • Pull-up banners

**Disclaimer: Carahsoft cannot guarantee a specific number of leads at a third-party tradeshow. Carahsoft will promote all of the demoing partners via email and social media promotions, but demo stations have been most successful for partners that actively recruit attendees off the floor.