Babel Street Solutions for the Public Sector

The Only Identity & Threat Intelligence Solution Providing Actionable Insights 95% Faster Than Industry Standards

Babel Street Insights - The most insights that matter

Babel Street Insights offers cutting-edge AI and data analytics solutions, empowering users to seamlessly search, aggregate, and integrate data from diverse sources, languages, and formats. Embedded within the Babel Street Ecosystem, Insights transforms threat and identity intelligence operations, bridging the Risk-Confidence Gap.

Leveraging advanced AI, Babel Street Insights transcends language obstacles, furnishing vital, multilingual insights sourced from a comprehensive array of global outlets, including the deep and dark web. Crafted with user-centric design, Insights boasts robust features and API integrations, furnishing investigative teams with an immediate strategic edge.

Babel Street Analytics – Precision AI analytics for global, multilingual insights

Babel Street Analytics is an AI-powered solution that analyzes multilingual content, revealing hidden insights about people, events, entities, and the sentiments surrounding them. As part of the Babel Street Ecosystem, it processes large volumes of structured and unstructured text with explainable AI that helps close the Risk-Confidence Gap.

Babel Street Data – Data-driven decision advantage

Babel Street Data employs advanced technology and deep analysis expertise to deliver an expansive array of raw and curated data across multiple topics, industries, and regions. As an integral part of the Babel Street Ecosystem, Babel Street Data transforms data into robust intelligence that helps close the Risk-Confidence Gap.