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DevSecOps: Sharpens the Tip of the Spear

In a world where technology provides the winning edge, no one values innovation more than the U.S. military. As a result, enabling best-in-class DevSecOps is an increasing priority across the services.

The heart of DevSecOps is built on the teams of programmers, systems operators and cybersecurity professionals who collaborate, share responsibilities and learn from failures and new ideas. Identifying the right skills for new hires and reskilling the existing workforce is critical to creating effectively functioning teams.

Stream Atlassian’s webinar featuring thought leaders from the U.S. Department of State and HyperVelocity Consulting for a discussion on the challenges of implementing DevSecOps and the benefits that make it worth the effort. During the program, featured experts:

DevSecOps Sharpers the Tip of the Spear Digest
  • Identified the milestones and metrics that demonstrate the value of DevSecOps in order to justify its funding
  • Reviewed best practices to funding and staffing agile teams within federal constraints
  • Detailed methods for using commercial tools to tie teams to high-level agency goals
  • Outlined the personnel policy changes that facilitate meeting team building requirements
  • Delineated approaches to coordinate military and contract teams to support DevSecOps
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David Vergano 

Systems Development Division Chief,

Bureau of Information
Resource Management (IRM),
U.S Department of State

Justin Leader 

Chief Executive Officer,

 HyperVelocity Consulting