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89% of Atlassian University users said training enabled them to use more Atlassian product features and functionality.

Does your agency need to spend year-end funds on training programs that will help maximize your return on technology investments? Atlassian training and certification programs provide federal agencies with the training needed to quickly implement Atlassian's core products.

With curated learning paths and courses for every user, Atlassian's training is designed to help facilitate more efficient, collaborative and effective teams.

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Atlassian University
Training Packages
Maximize your agency’s technology investment with customized govt. packages through Atlassian University
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Training Offerings
Becoming an Atlassian Certified Professional and earn recognition for your skills and experience with Atlassian tools
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Training Podcast
Atlassian’s Dan Schillace shares insights on the benefits of training and the path to becoming an Atlassian Certified Professional

Atlassian University’s courses are divided into three arenas: Fundamentals, Role-based and Practice-based. Just as there isn't one path for your role with an organization, you can find yourself on multiple learning paths, simultaneously.

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