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The Atlassian Advantage: Enhancing Workflow Management to Build Collaborative and Agile Teams


Atlassian is changing the way government IT teams work together with secure open communication platforms and centralized information hubs. Learn how your agency or organization can streamline project management and create agile workflows for improved cross-agency collaboration. For more information on Atlassian’s product suite and capabilities, visit our Atlassian Enterprise Solution list.



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Atlassian supports the U.S. federal government’s mission to modernize legacy systems with DevSecOps software that enables digital transformation. Experience the value of their powerful solutions that allow your agency to securely deploy custom applications throughout the product lifecycle. Learn how Atlassian can support IT teams with automated and agile pipelines, continuous deployment of security controls and vulnerability remediation.

Program Management

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Atlassian helps federal civilian and defense agencies facilitate cross-agency collaboration, communication and program management through centralized informational hubs. Explore how Atlassian's collaboration tools, like Jira Align and Confluence, leverage machine learning to aggregate and organize unstructured data, create customizable dashboards and deliver transparency, accountability and oversight. Learn how to accelerate and scale projects with agile team management.

Work Management for All


Atlassian works with state and local government and education teams to automate workflow processes and deliver personalized customer services. Unlock Atlassian’s advantage with Jira Service Management, an easy to use and simple to administer IT solution that increases team productivity. Discover how Atlassian’s product suite can help your agency or organization team work effectively to deliver services at scale.



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