In partnership with The Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC), a research study was conducted with the purpose to assess the current status, challenges, and successes in the implementation and utilization of Multicloud services and solutions in the Federal space.Survey respondents painted a picture of a federal IT landscape that has made substantial progress in its cloud journey, but where the challenges associated with Multicloud management, understanding security and compliance requirements, and achieving FedRAMP ATO for cloud services continues to form a significant barrier.

The results represent responses from 36 Federal agencies and from that research ATARC crafted a Multicloud Modernization summary brief. To cap off the program, ATARC held an amazing half-day Multicloud Modernization Virtual Summit on June 15, where government and industry experts discussed multi-cloud modernization and why this evolution is .critical for agencies as they look to the future of IT, workforce, security, and more.

Download all three of these amazing Mulitcloud Modernization Resources today!

  • Research Survey and Results
  • Multicloud Modernization Summary Brief
  • 2021 Multicloud Modernization Summit Recording


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Download the resources available to learn more and watch the summit on-demand.