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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

Appsian helps some of the largest organizations in the world manage and mitigate their ERP data security and compliance risks. Using a platform specifically designed for intrusion prevention, data loss prevention and threat detection & response, Appsian enables on-premise ERP customers using SAP ECC, S/4HANA, PeopleSoft and Oracle EBS implement the most modern and sophisticated data security solutions available on the market. Thus, enabling the secure expansion of ERP access, strengthening of access control policies, and deep visibility into ERP data access and usage.

The Appsian Security Platform is lightweight and can be implemented in less than 30-days (avg.) Software is installed directly onto the ERP web server, allowing functionality to be native to the ERP architecture, without the use of customizations or additional hardware.

Learn why hundreds of institutions trust the Appsian Security Platform including the States of Ohio, Virginia, Kansas, North Dakota, Indiana, the Department of Justice, the State Department, United Nations, dozens of county & city governments, and more.


Remote Access Solutions

Technology Integrations

Appsian seamlessly integrates (via SAML) with enterprise IAM solutions for Single Sign-On like Azure AD, ADFS, Microsoft, OKTA, Shibboleth and more.

Appsian provides deep, native integration of multi-factor authentication solutions including Duo, OKTA, SafeNet, Microsoft Authenticator and more. Once integrated, Appsian enables zero trust using adaptive, risk-aware MFA at login, field, page and component levels of PeopleSoft applications

Enterprise Solutions

Appsian Security Platform for SAP ECC & S/4HANA

Appsian enables SAP ERP customers to gain fine-grained control over data access by combining attribute-based access controls (ABAC) with their existing role-based access controls (RBAC); along with streamlined and scalable role management. Additionally, detailed logging and analytics ensure granular levels of visibility into data access and usage.

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Appsian Security Platform for Oracle PeopleSoft

Appsian enables Oracle PeopleSoft customers to effectively manage security and compliance risks. Using solutions for intrusion prevention (SSO & MFA), data loss prevention (data masking) and incident response (logging & analytics), PeopleSoft customers can combat modern threats while maintaining granular levels of visibility into data access and usage.

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