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Announcing: FEDINSIGHT by BeyondTrust & SailPoint

Agencies must get Identity right to move to a zero trust, more secure posture.

Join Jason Miller, Executive Editor at Federal News Radio, in an interview with industry-leading experts Morey Haber, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer, BeyondTrust, and Frank Briguglio, Global Public Sector Strategist, SailPoint. This thirty-minute radio program takes a deeper dive into how technology can address challenges and help drive innovation in government agencies.

Experts discussed:

  • How identity governance enables identity as a new perimeter
  • How SailPoint and BeyondTrust work together to increase productivity and security for privileged users
  • How to implement modern security initiatives like Zero Trust, Just in Time, and Software Defined Perimeter

Interested in learning more about BeyondTrust and SailPoint?

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