The Fundamentals of Container Security


Effective container security is about much more than scanning the contents of a container. It has to be about integrating security policy and insight along the development cycle - from start to finish. In this way, container security is both mandating, and partly enabling, DevSecOps as the next evolution in enterprise CI/CD software development.

Containers demand a new approach to software security. But adopting this new approach dramatically increases the efficiency of security implementation, in the same way that DevOps has increased efficiency in development and IT operations efficiency. By smoothing interaction and removing much of the historical friction between developers and security teams, this new model of DevSecOps or security at full speed, allows organizations to achieve more and raise security standards to new levels.

Begin exploring the strategic nature of containerization, its benefits and how many of these benefits can be extended to security, while also examining some of the unique challenges presented by full-speed container-based development.