XSi EoL Networking Maintenance

End-of-Life Networking Hardware Maintenance

XSi provides independent IT network support and network maintenance services for most networking hardware OEMs. Not all networking hardware assets require expensive maintenance agreements from the Original Equipment Manufacturer, so OpEx budget cost reductions, often averaging 60+%, are not only possible, but perfectly viable with XSi independent support.


XSi is ISO9001:2015 Certified, meets SAE AS5553 Standards, currently supports 42 federal agencies and 12 of the Top 15 Federal Systems Integrators.


Network OEMs Supported

  • Cisco switches, routers, access points, security products
  • Juniper (EoL, EoS) switches & network access points
  • Riverbed (EoL, EoS) – almost all models
  • Extreme (EoL, EoS) switches & network access points
  • F5 Networks (EoL, EoS) – almost all models
  • Brocade (EoL, EoS) switches & network access points

We support most networking OEMs!

Which assets are eligible for XSi independent support?

With guidance from XSi technical experts, and a formal asset assessment, a collaborative process helps identify networking hardware that can be moved to lower-cost, independent maintenance from XSi.


Primary Benefits of Working with XSi:

  • Compliance with government hardware maintenance mandates
  • Proactively impact cost containment
  • Enable the ongoing support of important legacy hardware – keep hardware running as long as you choose
  • Assist with spare parts management (inventory, testing, entitlement management)
  • Drive down the costs of on-premises hardware assets to enable the insertion of needed new technology or enable greater budgets for cloud transition initiatives.


Service Features:

  • No Forced Tech Refresh

    Maintenance for End-of-Support, End-of-Software-Maintenance or End-of-Life hardware

  • Focused on Quality/Security

    Multiple certifications to ensure highest standards and controls

  • Ready in Advance

    Robust parts-sparing model with proven logistics and 600+ forward stocking locations

  • Ongoing & Proactive

    Lifecycle Management guidance from Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

  • 24x7x365 Techs

    TAC (Technical Assistance Center) team of CCIE- and CCNA-certified experts

  • Compliance

    First to offer service ensuring 100% entitlement compliance, while reducing support contract costs

  • Flexible Guidance

    Self-sparing models can be designed/simplified to further reduce support contract costs