• WithSecure Cloud Protection
  • Reduce risk and run your business with no disruption on Salesforce
  • Detect and block advanced cyber threats across your Salesforce cloud
  • Remove malicious content automatically and scan your enivronment
  • Know what's happening in your Salesforce environment
  • Made with Salesforce for Salesforce - a seamless extension of complementary security capabilities.
  • How your Salesforce is secured
  • Defend your Salesforce environment in real-time.
  • Provides you with superpowers, file protection, URL protection
  • East integration, comprehensive reporting, and automated & on-demand scans.
  • WithSecure can get you free Salesforce Content risk assessment
  • WithSecure has 5 stars average rating.

Advanced threat protection for Salesforce Government Cloud

Salesforce serves as a pivotal link, connecting citizens to essential services and handling sensitive data. It's crucial for maintaining uninterrupted public services. However, the platform's diverse user base and substantial data transactions introduce security and compliance challenges. Remember, Salesforce secures the cloud infrastructure, but protecting the data inside is your duty.

Personnel with varying IT skills may inadvertently increase the risk of advanced cyber threats, with malware often hidden in routine data exchanges. Similarly, phishing attacks lurk within seemingly harmless URLs shared through Salesforce.

Such complexities require strong protective measures, especially since public sector data involves personal, health, and financial details, all of which require strict security measures to meet regulatory compliance.

WithSecure™ Cloud Protection for Salesforce offers real-time protection against advanced malware, ransomware, and phishing threats for Salesforce Government Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud and Sales Cloud.

Files and URLs are scanned during uploads to Salesforce, and upon user downloads or clicks, ensuring constant protection.

This Salesforce-native solution is deployed in minutes, ensuring the continuous and secure operation of public digital services. As a thoroughly vetted and certified solution, it upholds the stringent data management standards required in public sector.

Why choose WithSecure Cloud Protection for Salesforce:

  • Effortless deployment offers immediate safeguarding without complex setup needs
  • Data sovereignty is a top priority; the solution functions within your Salesforce ecosystem, with manageable data residency settings within the app
  • Data processing location options include USA, Europe, Australia, and Singapore, or an automatic choice based on availability and proximity
  • Customer satisfaction is evident with a perfect 5/5 star Salesforce AppExchange rating
  • WithSecure's reliability is rigorously verified by Salesforce security reviews and supported by ISO 27001 and ISAE 3000/SOC2 Type 2 certifications
  • Aligns with HIPAA compliance standards
  • WithSecure is known for its award-winning protection against malware and ransomware, consistently recognized by AV-TEST
  • Over 140,000 companies trust WithSecure’s Security Cloud, which processes over two billion queries daily, enhanced by their in-house threat intelligence team, with three decades of cybersecurity innovation and expertise


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