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Ntrepid is the leading provider of full-spectrum managed attribution solutions for the national security community. Our technologies manage and reduce online signatures by providing cover support adapted to each mission-unique information environment.

Government and law enforcement need a partner with the ability to constantly innovate, creating sophisticated tools and technologies for your next set of requirements, not just the current ones. Ntrepid’s annual research and development investment is far higher than the industry average. We understand emerging threats and challenges that agencies face, and we are passionate about delivering capabilities with real impact. We provide cutting-edge misattribution: the ability to interact undercover on the internet deniably, discreetly, securely, and effectively. While always innovating, our award-winning and mission-tested solutions are built on a foundation of proven misattribution technologies and deep experience in the national security community.

Nfusion and Timestream are a powerful pairing used by many of our national security and federal, state, and local law enforcement customers.


Sophisticated missions need more than anonymous browsing. Wherever your needs fall on the low to high complexity spectrum, our solutions will make your job faster, easier, and more efficient while protecting you, your organization, and your mission.

Our full MA suite capabilities include:

  • User-selected IP addresses
  • Misattributed, non-persistent desktop

Contact the Carahsoft-Ntrepid team to learn about more specialized and advanced capabilities.


Secure Misattributed Platform

Nfusion is a virtual desktop specifically designed for secure, misattributed online research and investigations. Nfusion aims to satisfy the national security community’s need to combine the capabilities of misattribution and identity masking with integrated collection tools and custom applications. Nfusion delivers a turnkey managed attribution SaaS solution for your organization utilizing a 24-hour Network Operations Center (NOC) that provides users with round-the-clock support, and continually monitors the system to ensure availability exceeds organizational requirements. All points of presence (PoPs) are custom configured by Ntrepid, and all infrastructure is procured using our trusted acquisition model.
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Collaborative Investigation Timeline and Presentation Platform - There's a story in your data. Tell it with Timestream.

Timestream is a collaborative investigation timeline and presentation platform. Timestream was developed specifically for law enforcement to accelerate the organization, collaboration, and sharing of intricate, long-running investigations. Timestream compiles all your case notes, evidence, and geospatial data into a timeline, providing insight and clarity on the sequence of events. Timestream allows for constant team collaboration; multiple agents can work simultaneously on the same case, and any changes are reflected in real-time. Field agents can remotely access Timestream, updating the evidence as it emerges. Instantly present your case information from within the platform, telling your story straight from the evidence.
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Ntrepid products put you on the cutting edge; Ntrepid Academy keeps you there.

Effective online activities require more than just highly capable products--they also require highly capable people. Ntrepid Academy is Ntrepid's cyber solutions center of excellence, providing you with the training, research, and operational support you need to succeed online. We accomplish this through three complementary lines of effort: (1) to develop and deliver high-quality training; (2) to identify, assess, and interpret emerging cyber and tech issues; (3) to provide ongoing operational support.

Virtual Training

Virtual Training for Telework Cyber Operations

We’re offering free weekly virtual training sessions from our experienced cyber analysts at the Ntrepid Academy. The Academy’s professional and discreet sessions concentrate on managed attribution fundamentals as well as workflows and capabilities using Nfusion, our secure, misattributed desktop, and Timestream, our collaborative investigation timeline platform. By the end of each course, your users will have the essential knowledge to operate effectively and securely in a remote setting. A Carahsoft rep will reach out to shortly after registering!



Managed Attribution for Online Investigations

During this webinar, attendees learned how to:

  • Utilize evidence management tools to eliminate tedious work
  • Participate in discussions and examine real-world case studies
  • Learn how to properly manage your online attribution to minimize risks and enhance investigative web opportunities
  • Review the fundamentals of open source research across social media platforms, the clear web, deep web, and dark web

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GSA Schedule 70

Dec 20, 2011- Dec 19, 2021


Mar 03, 2015- Aug 10, 2020
*Additional Option Years Available


Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)

Aug 10, 2019- Jun 30, 2022


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Latest News

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Nfusion is a virtual desktop environment specifically designed for secure, misattributed online research.Download this datasheet to learn more!


Learn about: - HIDTAs
- Clear’s and other local LE Information Clearinghouses
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Nfusion is a secure virtual desktop specifcally designed for misattributed online research and investigations. Nfusion satisfes the law enforcement community’s need to combine the capabilities of misattribution and identity masking with integrated collection tools and custom applications. Nfusi...

Solutions Brief

Ntrepid offers a wide spectrum of solutions designed to work together to cover all segments of managed attribution operations. As every mission is unique, we are dedicated to working on an operation-by-operation basis to understand your specific challenges, threats, and goals for each mission, and w...

Solutions Brief
Best Practices to Protect Your IP Location. Download this solution brief to learn more!

Solutions Brief
Ntrepid innovates sophisticated tools and technologies for your next set of requirements, not just the current ones. Our annual research and development investment is far higher than industry average. We understand the emerging threats and challenges that the OIG faces, and we are passionate about d...

Misattributed Desktop for Law Enforcement Investigations

Solutions Brief
The internet is at the heart of the investigative process in the Offces of Inspectors General (OIG). Unrestricted access to nefarious websites, the dark web, and common open source platforms is crucial for a thorough investigation. To achieve misattribution and disguise the researcher’s digi...


At the 2018 High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) Conference, Lance Cottrell (Chief Scientist for Ntrepid) discussed the intricacies of running online cover operations and gave examples of how easy it is for things to go wrong. Every single mission requires a different level of ...


Nfusion combines the capabilities of misattribution and identity masking with integrated collection tools and custom applications. With Nfusion, you can conduct your online investigations with total confidence while appearing to egress from locations all over the world. Whether you are performing...