Modernizing Enterprise Databases Leads to Time and Cost Savings

Today’s Innovation in Government report highlights the government’s IT modernization challenges. Brad Montgomery, Director of Presales Engineering with Dell EMC, discusses why modernizing enterprise databases can lead to time and cost savings.

One particular customer that I spoke with recently has a very large sequel farm. Large databases. 17 Terabyte databases. Using their legacy solution, it was taking them over a day to get backups done. They had a very kludgy recovery process, and the SLAs were not being met. Now with the technologies that Dell EMC is bringing to the table, the DBAs were able to control their backup and recovery, they're able to have visibility into where their data lived, they're able to set their SLAs and ensure that the SLAs were being met in accordance with the storage team, and, most importantly, we got the backups done in an extraordinarily fast amount of time. We cut the backups down from 24 hours down to two hours.

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