• The Evolution of Cloud Security

    Matt Goodrich explains that the increasingly robust security of cloud systems helps agencies deliver faster, better customer services.

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  • Cloud's Ongoing Impact on Mission Outcomes

    Jenny Berarducci suggests that agencies choose technology with built-in flexibility to meet their needs now and in the future.

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  • AI Speeds Delivery of Government Services

    Teresa Smetzer explains how using AI to tackle data challenges is critical to empowering missions.

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  • Understand API Use in Modern IT: A Conversation with Shad Imam

    Join Rob Stein and Shad Imam for a conversation about how governments use APIs as building blocks to create ways to engage and to deliver new services and experiences.

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  • Back To Growth: Moving From Now to Next

    Amy Button, Vice President for Aerospace and Government System Integrators at Salesforce, explains how a consolidated, digital platform can help companies recover from pandemic-related economic loss and address diversity and inclusivity in hiring processes.

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  • The Digital Government of the Future

    Tahera Zamanzada, Director of Digital Strategy for Global Public Sector at Salesforce, explains how the COVID-19 outbreak has revealed a clear route to better CX and digital transformation through the cloud.

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  • Focusing on Outcomes that Matter

    Government organizations don’t need to “rip and replace” to reduce technical debt, improve outcomes and digitally transform. Rod Bremby, Health and Human Services Industry Executive for Salesforce, suggests a path forward.

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  • How Cloud is Driving the Quest for Better CX

    The government’s ability to improve the customer experience is being fueled by the scalability and flexibility that cloud technology offers.

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  • Transforming Government Services

    According to Casey Coleman, government customers, employees and partners are the focus of modern service delivery.

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  • Reducing Time to Value with Cloud Applications

    Rob Stein of Salesforce believes that leveraging digital best practices can help government agencies offer more responsive service.

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  • Improving User Experience Speeds Modernization Efforts

    Eva Skidmore, the Vice President of Public Sector for Salesforce, discusses why agencies need to continue to improve customer service and IT modernization together by adopting open platforms and application programming interfaces (APIs).

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  • Trust: The Currency of Government

    Casey Coleman, Senior Vice President of Global Government Solutions for Salesforce, discusses how a citizen-first, cloud-first strategy can help agencies grow the public's confidence in government.

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  • Meet Your Customers Where They Are

    Dan Davis, Area Vice President for Federal Civilian Sales at Salesforce, explains why citizens and stakeholders should receive seamless customer experience no matter which channel they engage an agency through — there is no wrong door.

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  • Choosing the Right Path to the Cloud

    Discover why agencies need a vision and a plan for using cloud technology to meet security and service demands from Kevin Paschuck, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the Public Sector Business Unit at Salesforce.

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  • Overcoming the Digital Dilemma: Five Criteria for Success

    This report from Salesforce details how agencies should evaluate cloud platforms based on their speed, ease of use, innovative features, security and ability to integrate across data sources.

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