The Keys to Achieving Bigger Dividends from Federal IT Modernization

It is widely accepted that modernization alone would not have saved the taxi industry from being eviscerated by the “Uber effect.” But a digital transformation — that is, a rethinking of the taxi business to become more agile, flexible, innovative and customer-focused — probably could have. All it needed was somebody to envision a smartphone app and a cashless way to pay for a ride, and Uber might not have gained the foothold it has today.

This anecdote highlights the defining moment that most federal agencies now face. Although IT modernization is now the dominant buzz phrase throughout government, it is digital transformation that will keep agencies from falling further behind in meeting the public’s expectations.

The two initiatives — transformation and modernization — go hand-in-hand. But since digital transformation depends on technology, modernizing the underlying technology infrastructure is key to success. It’s also crucial to making government employees more productive and to attracting new talent to the federal workforce.

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