• Why 5G is More Than a Telecom Revolution

    A 5G-enabled platform allows agencies to adopt new services and applications now and in the future.

    • IT Modernization, Dell Technologies, VMware
  • Beyond Tools: A More Holistic Approach to Security

    Agencies must improve the way they protect critical assets by embracing an end-to-end mindset that includes zero trust.

    • IT Modernization, VMware
  • How to Streamline Modern App Development

    Agencies should be able to focus on user-centric apps rather than the complexities of the underlying IT.

    • IT Modernization, VMware
  • The Importance of a Multi-Cloud Strategy

    Gaining visibility and control over all cloud environments is essential for secure, modern IT operations.

    • IT Modernization, VMware
  • Bringing AI-Powered Tech to Government

    A solution from NVIDIA and VMware enables agencies to layer cutting-edge AI into existing platforms.

    • IT Modernization, NVIDIA, VMware
  • A Faster Route to Secure Cloud Adoption for DOD

    VMware technology is simplifying the move to DISA’s milCloud 2.0 for defense agencies.

    • IT Modernization, VMware
  • Leaders In Innovation: Cloud Edition Interview

    Steve Harris, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Public Sector at Dell Technologies, and Bill Rowan, Vice President for Federal Sales at VMware, discuss the latest developments in cloud with Federal News Network’s Executive Editor Jason Miller.

    • Cloud, CMMC, Dell Technologies, VMware
  • Leaders In Innovation: Cloud Edition Executive Brief

    Learn from leaders at Customs and Border Patrol, Department of Justice, Department of State, General Services Administration, National Science Foundation, Securities and Exchange Commission, and United States Postal Service on how they've embraced and evolved the Cloud Smart approach to IT modernization within their teams and agencies. Featuring additional insights from technology leaders at Dell Technologies and VMware.

    • Cloud, Dell Technologies, VMware
  • Building a Future-Ready IT Infrastructure

    Michael Houlihan, Senior Director of the DoD Sales Team at VMware, discusses how modernization efforts are gaining momentum as the pandemic spurs progress in key areas.

    • CMMC, IT Modernization, VMware
  • Succeeding with Software in the Modern Digital World

    Mikey McCormack and Aaron Swain of the VMware Tanzu Federal Leadership Team explain why government agencies should look to Silicon Valley to understand how to build, modernize and deliver software.

    • IT Modernization, VMware
  • Virtualization: Rapid, Flexible and Cost-Effective Path to Digital Transformation

    Herb Thompson, VMware State and Local Education Strategist, discusses how organizations can modernize application development and digitally transform to meet their mission and serve citizens, regardless of the situation.

    • Healthcare, VMware
  • Breaking Down Barriers to Collaboration

    According to Bill Rowan, VP of Federal Sales at VMware, modernization depends on government and industry joining forces in new and powerful ways.

    • VMware, IT Modernization