• The Right Approach to Secure Cloud Migration

    Pritesh Parekh, Chief Trust and Security Officer at Virtustream, discusses how agencies can streamline modernization by embracing cloud-native solutions and a unified security approach.

    • IT Modernization, Virtustream
  • Modernization and the Cloud Conundrum

    Michelle Rudnicki, VP of Public Sector at Virtustream, states that moving mission-critical applications to the cloud starts with understanding potential roadblocks.

    • Virtustream, IT Modernization
  • Virtustream Advisor Data Sheet

    This datasheet from Virtustream overviews how Virtustream Advisor can provide a targeted cloud adoption strategy to maximize the benefits of virtualization and cloud computing.

    • IT Modernization, Virtustream
  • Different Applications Have Different Use Case Characteristics

    In this WTOP radio spot, Michelle Rudnicki, vice president of public sector at Virtustream, says it’s critical to understand that different applications have different use case characteristics.

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