• The Path to Future-Ready Government IT

    With challenges at every turn, agencies need technologies that can negotiate today’s obstacles while preparing them for what lies ahead.

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  • The Journey from Reactive to Proactive

    Fast, scalable and cost-effective tools are the key to future-proofing government systems and facilitating innovation in times of calm and crisis.

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  • Executive Viewpoint: A Conversation with Col. Jennifer Krolikowski

    An acquisition leader discusses why Space Force embraces datacentric apps, agile development and industry partnerships.

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  • GovLoop Guide: Advancing the Art of Data Analytics

    This guide, created by Carahsoft and GovLoop, explores how agencies at the Federal, state, and local levels are updating their data strategies with the latest technology. Plus, hear from data innovators at the CDC, North Carolina, the US Census, Indiana, the DOT, and the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled as well as Carahsoft's technology experts.

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  • The Best of What’s New in Hybrid and Remote Work

    As the pandemic subsides, state and local agencies navigate permanent workforce changes.

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  • Transforming the Workplace

    Long-term adoption of remote work will drive technology modernization and new management policies.

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  • Navigating the New Frontier

    The pandemic prompted many state and local government leaders’ first venture into remote work. Now, about 75 percent of organizations surveyed by CDG plan to expand their use of remote work. In this Q&A, Peter K. Anderson, a CDG senior fellow, discusses how organizations can successfully forge their way in this new territory.

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  • Federal Report Supply Chain/CMMC

    Learn from leaders at DoD, NIST, NTIA, and CISA on how agencies are reevaluating their security posture. Featuring additional insights from technology leaders at Trustwave, Qmulos, Zscaler, Solarwinds, and MicroFocus Government Solutions.

    • CMMC, Supply Chain, All
  • FCW Report: Digitally Transforming the Customer Experience

    The pandemic forced agencies to boost their ability to deliver services anytime, anywhere. The challenge now is using that momentum to spark a revolution in digital government.

    • Citizen Experience, All
  • An Opportune Time to Modernize CX

    Government leaders are capitalizing on the lessons they learned during the pandemic to improve the digital experience for citizens, employees and partners.

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  • Executive Viewpoint: A Conversation with Jack Galvin

    Jack Galvin, Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Information and Technology in IT Operations and Services for the Department of Veterans Affairs, talks about what the pandemic taught the VA about telehealth, telework and the ability to innovate quickly.

    • Citizen Experience, All
  • Leaders in Innovation: High Performance Edge Computing Edition Executive Brief

    Hear from leaders at National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, FEMA, Army, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency on how high performance edge computing has reoriented their IT planning strategies. Featuring additional insights from technology leaders at Red Hat, HPE, and NVIDIA.

    • Edge Computing, Open Source, All
  • FCW Report: Teaming Up on Emerging Technologies

    Federal systems integrators and small innovators are joining forces to tackle government's biggest challenges with the latest advancements in technology and strategy.

    • IT Modernization, All
  • Industry Alliances: Greater than the sum of their parts

    Strategic partnerships between well-established government contractors and leading-edge technology companies offer agencies the best of both worlds.

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  • Executive Viewpoint: A Conversation with Pamela Isom

    An innovation leader talks about how DOE develops and deploys new technology solutions to the department’s biggest challenges.

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