• GovLoop Guide: Security in the Digital Age

    In this guide, created in collaboration with GovLoop, Carahsoft and partner companies, we look at the latest federal, state and local initiatives and legislation around identity access management and cybersecurity.

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  • FCW Report: A Converging Path to Cybersecurity and Modernization

    Read how the government's route to IT modernization is aligning with its pursuit of flexible and comprehensive strategies for securing agency systems with insights from industry thought leaders in cybersecurity.

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  • Merging Cybersecurity and Modernization

    FCW's research team details the trends and figures behind the overlap between government’s route to IT modernization and its pursuit of flexible yet comprehensive strategies for securing its systems.

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  • Executive Viewpoint: A Conversation with Suzette Kent

    Federal CIO Suzette Kent discusses how the government's new data strategy informs cybersecurity, emerging technology and citizen services.

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  • FCW Report: The Next Wave of Cybersecurity

    Learn how government agencies can reap the full benefits of future advances in security technology and strategies while better navigating today's cybersecurity challenges from Carahsoft's security partners.

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  • Steering a Course Through Stormy Cyber Seas

    Agencies continue to be buffeted by cybersecurity challenges, but successful solutions are emerging.

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  • The Case for Open, Data-Driven Cybersecurity

    Agencies are turning to data-rich ⁠— and often open source-based tools ⁠— for security insights.

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  • Executive Viewpoint: Kerry Long

    IARPA Manager Kerry Long discusses how the organization is using cloud technologies to evolve security.

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  • GovTech Report: Best of What's New in Infrastructure and Data

    Infrastructure and data have been combined to develop platforms and tools designed to deliver results. State and local governments are now leveraging a balance of cloud and traditional environments to optimize workloads while still maintaining security and visibility.

    • Cloud computing, All, Data Analytics
  • A New World of Infrastructure Options

    Hybrid, multi-cloud environments present new opportunities and complexities for state and local governments as they work to balance security and efficiency.

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  • 3 Tips for Hybrid Infrastructure Success

    Otto Doll, CIO for the city of Minneapolis from 2011 to 2018, shares his thoughts on how state, local and city governments can thrive in today's rapidly evolving infrastructure environment.

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  • GovTech Report: Best of What's New in Edge Computing and the Cloud

    Edge computing and the cloud offer powerful new tools for solving long-standing government challenges. Learn more about how state and local government agencies can leverage this combination to drive insights and build smart applications.

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  • Cloud, Edge Computing and Analytics: A Powerful Combination

    State and local governments use these tools to drive insights and smart applications.

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  • 3 Considerations for the Edge Computing Era

    Join Bob Woolley, senior fellow for the Center for Digital Government and former chief technical architect for the Utah Department of Technology Services, for his insight on what to expect out of edge computing in the near future.

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  • FCW Report: Building Momentum for Modernization

    Learn how government agencies' efforts to transform every aspect of government are picking up speed to meet new challenges with emerging technologies and insights from Dell and its strategically aligned business partners.

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