• 2020 Year In Review Compendium

    To aid with 2021 planning, Carahsoft has compiled all 7 of its 2020 Innovation in Government reports from FCW into one comprehensive compendium. Learn the latest developments across multiple technology verticals, including AI, Cloud Adoption, Cybersecurity, CX and Edge Computing.

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  • GovTech Report: Best of What's New in Law Enforcement

    This report describes how technology can improve outcomes and achieve greater impacts as police departments face budget cuts and resource constraints.

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  • Filling the Gaps

    Technology gains new importance as police departments face budget cuts and resource constraints.

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  • Supporting the Law Enforcement Community During COVID-19 and Beyond

    Lacey Wean, Director of the Law Enforcement Team at Carahsoft, walks through how the agencies that form the criminal justice system adapted to meet the challenges of COVID-19.

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  • Morgan Wright: Technology is Key to More Efficient and Effective Law Enforcement

    Morgan Wright explains how technology can help law enforcement agencies manage challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic and other recent events.

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  • GovLoop Guide: Agencies Build Foundation for DevSecOps Success

    This guide, created by Carahsoft and GovLoop, provides insight into how to make DevSecOps a reality, discusses the pillars of a DevSecOps strategy, and highlights best practices. Featuring insights from leaders at DoD, GSA, Air Force, Army Futures Command, U.S. Transportation Command and Carahsoft's technology experts.

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  • The State of AI in Government: Policies, Challenges & Practical Use Cases

    This guide, created by Carahsoft and GovLoop, explores how the latest government artificial intelligence initiatives and legislation will help define future breakthroughs. Featuring insights from leaders at the Department of Defense (DoD) and Small Business Administration (SBA) as well as Carahsoft's technology experts.

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  • GovTech Report: Best of What’s New in Cloud Computing

    As state and local governments pivoted to respond to new COVID-driven requirements, agencies relied on cloud adoption to fill in the gaps. IT leaders must now evaluate and rationalize the multiple cloud solutions they implemented so quickly.

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  • Cloud-Powered Crisis Response

    The COVID-19 experience sped up cloud adoption, but it needs to be sustainable against current needs.

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  • Bill Rials: Why Automation is the Key to Better Cloud Security

    Bill Rials, Ph.D., discusses how cloud is driving the need for new capabilities around managing and securing complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments and how automation can help address these challenges.

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  • FCW Report: The Rise of Edge Computing

    As endpoints proliferate and enabling technologies become more robust, agencies are finding that solutions to some of their biggest challenges lie at the network’s edge.

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  • Why Edge Computing is the New Frontier

    The key to better security, decision-making and productivity exists at the farthest edge of the IT network.

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  • Executive Viewpoint: A Conversation with Lytwaive Hutchinson

    Lytwaive Hutchinson, CIO for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, discusses how the agency is embracing edge computing and the technology’s impact on the future of IT.

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  • GovTech Report: Best of What's New in Government Performance and Innovation

    As data tools and strategies mature, governments across the nation are using analytics to address specific community concerns. Learn how state and local agencies are leveraging cloud-based tools and enterprise strategies to move toward a more data-driven and automated future.

    • Big Data, IT Modernization, All
  • GovTech Report: Best of What's New in Data, Identity and Privacy

    As governments invest in contact tracing efforts, a larger conversation and focus is developing around data protection and privacy. Learn how state and local agencies are leveraging emerging technologies to support smarter and more secure data usage.

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