• Maintaining Productivity in Times of Crisis

    Jonathan Alboum, Principal Digital Strategist for Federal at ServiceNow, explains why better asset management and digitized workflows are essential to a seamless customer experience.

    • Citizen Experience, ServiceNow
  • Service Management: Optimizing a Complex IT Environment

    In this Q&A, Chris Dilley, CTO for state and local government at ServiceNow, explains how an enterprise service management platform can streamline, automate and manage the delivery of enterprise services.

    • Cloud, ServiceNow
  • ServiceNow Full Length Radio Show

    Bob Osborn, Chief Technology Officer of Federal for ServiceNow, discusses how agencies can take advantage of cloud in a secure way and reduce the time it takes to deliver mission critical services by accepting and using a hybrid, multi-cloud approach.

    • ServiceNow, Cybersecurity
  • Take Advantage of a Multi-Cloud Environment

    Bob Osborn, Chief Technology Officer of Federal for ServiceNow, discusses why agencies need to adapt to and take advantage of a multi-cloud environments.

    • Cybersecurity , ServiceNow
  • The Cloud Supports Technology

    Bob Osborn, Chief Technology Officers of Federal for ServiceNow, speaks on how the cloud underpins most of the new types of technology that agencies are beginning to use.

    • Cybersecurity , ServiceNow
  • ServiceNow Security Operations Datasheet

    This whitepaper details the benefits of ServiceNow Security Operations and how it helps organizations drive a faster, more efficient security response.

    • Cybersecurity , ServiceNow
  • Become a Service-Aware Enterprise

    In this GCN article, Bob Osborn, Chief Technology Officer for Federal at Servicenow, discusses how understanding complex and changing boundaries reduces risk and increases security awareness.

    • Cybersecurity , ServiceNow
  • ServiceNow Incident Management Datasheet

    This report outlines the current IT challenges, and the ServiceNow Solution

    • Cybersecurity , ServiceNow