• Empathy Is Key to Exceptional Experience

    Contact centers have rapidly modernized the constituent experience in response to the pandemic. Christina Angel, senior solution consultant for U.S. public sector at Genesys, discusses self-service, AI, and other trends and strategies to deliver empathetic service experiences with technology.

    • Customer Experience, Genesys
  • From Call Center to ‘Experience’ Center

    In this Q&A, Nathan Hamrick, principal solution consultant for public sector at Genesys, discusses ways that organizations can use artificial intelligence and intelligent automation to deliver a modern experience.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Genesys
  • Modernizing Contact Centers to Enable Remote Work

    The pandemic forced government contact centers to modify how they provide services. Ivory Dugar, senior solutions consultant at Genesys, answers the equipment and workforce optimization questions that are top-of-mind for agencies that extend operations to remote agents.

    • Mobility & Telework, Genesys
  • Call Center Modernization – Raising the Bar on Customer Service

    Chad Cole, Director of Solution Consulting for North American Public Sector at Genesys, says modernization can improve the contact center experience for callers and the agents who serve them.

    • IT Modernization, Genesys
  • Adapting CX on the Fly with AI and Cloud

    David York, Senior VP of US Public Sector for Genesys, details how AI and cloud technologies give agencies the resources they need to provide superior CX, even in a crisis.

    • Customer Experience, Genesys
  • Customer Experience Must Be More Than a Mission Enabler

    Dave York, Senior Vice President of U.S. Public Sector for Genesys, explains how agencies can improve their delivery of services to citizens by taking an omni-channel approach to digital modernization.

    • Customer Experience, Genesys
  • AI, Intelligent Automation Gives Agencies New Capabilities to Improve Citizen Services

    Dave York, the Senior Vice President of U.S. Public Sector for Genesys, describes how agencies can use RPA, AI and intelligent automation to continue and accelerate their digital transformations and improve citizen services.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Genesys