• Blog: EdTech Talks - Modernizing Education with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Explore how artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the way teachers instruct, the way students learn and the way administrators approach technology in schools.

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  • Blog: EdTech Talks - Exploring the Impact of Technology on Student Growth and Development

    Experts in education and the IT industry discuss how observability, the ‘secure by design’ approach and analytics can enhance education to personalize experiences and provide developmental insights on learning approaches.

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  • Blog: EdTech Talks - A Comprehensive Look at Security in Education for Safe Learning Environments

    Remaining vigilant, versatile and adaptable in the current education landscape, especially when it comes to security and student safety, are the most important considerations for education leadership when deciding what new solutions and integrations to incorporate into their schools.

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  • The Dark and Light Side of Artificial Intelligence

    AI enhances not only the strength and effectiveness of cyber attackers today, but also the tools and methods used to defend against those attacks. As AI’s potential for good and bad rapidly evolves, higher education weighs AI’s risks and benefits while reshaping and prioritizing cybersecurity strategies to mitigate today’s threats.

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  • AI’s Security Implications Come Into Focus

    Whether powering the latest tools and technology, or transforming an already complex threat landscape, AI increasingly shapes institutions’ security postures.

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  • Time to Take the Leap

    Artificial intelligence will power broad evolutions in cybersecurity, not just in risk assessment but also in advancing zero-trust strategies and boosting UX. Higher ed institutions on the fence about AI-powered cybersecurity must consider what could happen if they fail to embrace the AI tsunami.

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  • Back to Basics: Data Protection and Recovery in the Era of AI

    In the data-rich world of higher ed, leveraging AI and automation to understand and manage data risks or recovery is par for the course. The next level: AI and ML tools that access and leverage that data for other purposes. The fundamentals of data protection remain constant in the face of emerging AI-powered threats.

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  • Where Will AI Take Cybersecurity Next

    A well-managed environment is a secure environment — but given today’s constantly shifting threat landscapes, how can teams ensure they’re managing well? Evolving threats powered by AI spawn advanced thinking and approaches to cybersecurity, along with new skillsets and priorities.

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  • Make a Thoughtful and Strategic Plan

    As with any new technology implementation, proper planning is required before signing on to any AI/ML-enhanced tools.

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  • Blog: Applications of Technology in Higher Education at EDUCAUSE

    Industry and education experts joined together at EDUCAUSE for an immersive experience that facilitated collaboration and discussion to promote the advancement of higher education by using IT.

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  • Foundations for Innovation

    In higher education, harnessing the full potential of data analytics and AI/ML toolsets requires more than up-to-date infrastructure. Sound data governance, safeguards for sharing, and a campus-wide culture of accepting constant change are non-negotiable.

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  • Blog: 5 Essential Applications of AI Technology in Education

    Fostering trust among educators to cultivate the most prosperous learning environment through the implementation of AI can further personal, social and educational growth for all students.

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  • Higher Education All-In on Cloud-First

    When digital transformation is the destination, all roads lead through the cloud. Here’s how colleges and universities can plan their own cloud journey, leverage cloud computing capabilities to meet growing student and administrative demands, and achieve true innovation, agility, collaboration and personalization.

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  • Achieving Digital Transformation through the Cloud

    Institutions find themselves at different points on the cloud trajectory, balancing mission-critical priorities and ROI from cloud solutions.

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  • Cloud Budgets Keep Growing - What’s Next for Cloud?

    Damien Eversmann, Chief Architect for Education at Red Hat, explores where industry and education plan to invest cloud dollars, and SaaS leads the pack.

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  • Blog: Supporting the Student Journey Through Digital Transformation

    Learn key takeaways that allow higher education professionals to strategically plan solution implementations to improve the student experience.

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  • Essentials for Navigating Cloud Implementations

    Hunter Ely, Security Strategist at Palo Alto Networks, and Mathew Lamb, Manager, Pre-Sales Cloud Native Solutions at Palo Alto Networks, explain why Abstraction and flexibility provide advantages to higher education beyond digital transformation, especially for data-intensive research.

    • Cloud , Palo Alto Networks
  • Accelerate Agility and Integrate Data

    Bill Greeves, Industry Advisor for SAP, details how, As colleges and universities increasingly move to the cloud, acceptance among the campus community also grows.

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  • Report: Adapting with Evolving K–12 Challenges

    The pandemic and the growing awareness of the need for diversity, equity and inclusion are driving fundamental changes on campuses. To succeed, K–12 districts must find ways to integrate legacy and modern solutions, harness data to improve student experiences, and rethink the way technology is used in the classroom.

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  • Blog: EdTech Talks - The Changing Face of IT Security in Education

    Dive into what higher education and K-12 leaders should know about cybersecurity now–exploring best practices, data management tactics and acing cybersecurity with limited resources.

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  • IT Management in an Increasingly Complex K–12 Environment

    K–12 technology leaders are applying the lessons they learned during the pandemic to build more innovative, resilient educational systems.

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  • Gleaning Powerful Insights From Financial Data

    A modern approach to budget monitoring can have a widespread impact on schools’ decision-making capabilities.

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  • Collaborating Across Districts for Cyber Resiliency

    When schools find ways to pool their problem-solving, they also find innovative ways to strengthen IT operations.

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  • Blog: EdTech Talks - Putting the Student Experience First

    The digital student experience—and the data generated by it—provides institutions with insight into engagement patterns, work habits and more.

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  • Innovative Tools for Protecting Students Online

    Ensuring the well-being of students can be challenging in a time of pervasive technology. But technology also offers solutions.

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  • The Key to Success in Hybrid Learning

    Course design and delivery that makes optimal use of technology can transform virtual classrooms and boost the value of higher education.

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  • Report: Adapting with Evolving Higher Education Challenges

    The pandemic and the growing awareness of the need for diversity, equity and inclusion are driving fundamental changes on campuses. To succeed, colleges and universities must find ways to integrate legacy and modern solutions, harness data to improve student services and rethink the way technology is used in the classroom.

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  • Blog: EdTech Talks - A Holistic Approach to Student Safety

    Digital learning tools are key to moving forward in remote and eLearning environments, fostering productivity and content engagement across organizations.

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  • The Power of Technology to Drive Change

    By boosting technology investments, institutions can adopt modern teaching systems, ensure equity and diversity among students and faculty, and capitalize on data-driven services and operations.

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  • Blog: Adapting with Evolving K–12 Challenges

    Discover the latest insights from K-12 thought leaders and additional industry research from THE Journal surrounding evolving education challenges.

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  • Embracing the New Normal in Higher Education

    With the right technology platform, hybrid and HyFlex environments can aid in recruitment, retention and overall student success.

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  • Blog: The ARP ESSER Impact on Tech Companies and the EDU Sector

    In response to the pandemic, Congress passed several education funding bills, including the ARP ESSER, to reopen K-12 schools safely and address learning loss.

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  • Using Data Analytics to Enhance Student Services

    Improving the student experience and student performance hinges on modern approaches to capturing and analyzing data.

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  • A Cybersecurity Mesh Speeds Digital Transformation

    A security fabric of complementary tools provides protection for distributed IT environments, improves efficiencies and prepares campuses for the challenges ahead.

    • IT Modernization, Fortinet
  • Why Student Experience Equals Student Success

    The right data can generate insights that allow institutions to better understand students’ journeys and take personalized actions at scale.

    • IT Modernization, Qualtrics
  • Blog: How Digital Learning Tools Are Helping Organizations Create Engaging Content in an Ongoing Virtual World

    Digital learning tools are key to moving forward in remote and eLearning environments, fostering productivity and content engagement across organizations.

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  • Pivoting to Continuous Modernization in Higher Education

    Rather than rely on full-scale modernization initiatives every five or 10 years, campuses should take an ongoing, modular approach to updating their IT systems.

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  • Blog: Adapting with Evolving Higher Education Challenges

    By investing in modernization, institutions can meet current demands while maintaining flexibility to respond to the unknown challenges.

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  • Using the Power of Data to Support Collaboration

    Colleges and universities can boost positive outcomes by combining data silos and tapping into the predictive capabilities of real-time analytics.

    • IT Modernization, Splunk
  • A Data-Informed Approach to Recruiting and Retaining Faculty

    At one Texas university, a deep dive into data is helping ensure equity and diversity in the workplace.

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  • Creating a Single Source of Data Truth

    Access to consistent, centrally managed data is key to decision-making in higher ed.

    • IT Modernization, Tableau
  • Discovering the Endless Possibilities of Automation

    Technology can help institutions achieve their vision for success in all aspects of campus operations, including student engagement.

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  • A More Immersive Experience for Students and Staff

    The right technology will help colleges and universities continue supporting hybrid classrooms and a hybrid workplace.

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  • Advancing Cybersecurity in Academia: Safeguarding the Student Experience

    Executives from Google Cloud, Microsoft, IBM & AWS share insights on their initiatives to help accelerate and strengthen the public sector’s cybersecurity initiatives. Carahsoft is a leading IT distributor for cybersecurity solutions offered by the cited technology providers, and all are available for purchase through the E&I Carahsoft contract.

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  • Gaining Insight: Data Use for Campus Success

    The use of data doesn’t have to end with enhancing student services. It can also address the needs of others on and off campus. Laying the groundwork requires expert guidance and the right technology.

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  • A Keen Eye: Data Diving on Campus

    Forward-thinking IT staff have learned that they don’t have to go it alone. There are organizations and companies specializing in cybersecurity primed to help schools and districts formulate their response to the unique challenges they face. Many have hired top names with decades of K-12 leadership experience to influence the development of services and programs that will best serve the education segment specifically.

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  • Blog: Gaining Insight - Data Use for Campus Success

    Read the latest insights from industry thought leaders and higher education industry research in campus technology data use on Carahsoft's Community Blog.

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  • The Absolutely Essential Higher Ed Superpower

    Gaining visibility into what’s going on inside your systems lets IT teams be proactive, and that makes all the difference in how effective they are.

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  • Why the Student Experience Matters (and What You Can Do About It)

    It’s time to embrace the student experience as a crucial data set — and experience management as a core part of your institutional tech stack.

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  • It’s Time to Re-imagine Your Front Door

    The secret to updating the digital experiences your college offers is to consider how the best digital players are solving the same problems for their higher ed clients.

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  • Seeking a Modern Search Experience

    The online user experience has — in some cases — become the only one people have with your campus. Is it as effective as it can be?

    • Data, Elastic
  • When Live Virtual Learning Really Works

    The best courses deliver collaborative learning experiences that engage and inspire learners. Your virtual learning platform can either help or hinder that pursuit.

    • Data, Adobe
  • The Long Wait: Why It’s Time for Higher Ed to Embrace Automation

    No other segment will benefit more than education, where rote work abounds.

    • Data, Red Hat
  • Partnering for Smarter and More Efficient Purchasing

    It doesn’t matter how innovative your campus wants to be. If you can’t get the products and services when they’re needed at a price your institution can afford, those innovations will remain nothing more than good ideas.

    • Data, OMNIA
  • EdTech Talks

    Carahsoft’s inaugural EdTech Talks summit featured success stories, panel sessions and keynote addresses that showcased the IT solutions and trends helping to innovate Higher Education and K-12 classrooms.

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  • Safe and Sound Schools

    Safeguarding the Student Journey: Cybersecurity in K-12

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  • Break-out Lessons for Back to School

    K-12 has become a prime target for criminals. These resources can help you solidify your district’s security posture before you become the victim of a cyber attack.

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  • Blog: Safe & Sound Schools - Cybersecurity in K-12

    Read insights from Carahsoft and our cybersecurity partners on how to keep your schools and institution secure on Carahsoft's Community Blog.

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  • Closing in on Cybersecurity Stability

    Finding balance among safety, continuity and enablement of education is the real goal of K-12 IT these days, and that’s not something you can buy in a box. Here’s how to achieve it.

    • Cybersecurity, Palo Alto Networks
  • Getting Away from the Ransomware Triple Threat

    Your own district could easily be the next victim of a cyber-attack. What are you doing about it?

    • Cybersecurity, HPE
  • The Essential Cybersecurity Service You’ve Never Heard Of

    No-cost membership in the MS-ISAC can help protect your school from the growing cybersecurity threat.

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  • Greatness Awaits: Dump the Paperwork

    There’s a lot going on in K-12, so how people spend their time is important. Shifting from paper to digital solutions ensures schools are ready for whatever happens next.

    • Cybersecurity, SAP Concur
  • Virtual is Here to Stay, so Make It Better

    There’s little reason to think online or virtual education will go away. It’s time for schools to make sure it’s not a lesser experience.

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  • Start with the End(point) in Mind

    The right security solution will protect schools against ransomware and other threats while still allowing teaching and learning to continue.

    • Cybersecurity, Ivanti
  • How to Tame the Cloud with One Call

    E&I Cooperative Services, a member-owned, non-profit sourcing cooperative for education, does a lot more for K-12 than just provide better pricing for its over 5,500 members, as Vice President of Technology Keith Fowlkes explains in this interview.

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  • Locking Down Information Management Security on Campus

    The bad news: As colleges and universities have accelerated their digital transformations, IT’s efforts have been hampered by an increase in cybersecurity attacks. The good news: Proven solutions are at hand.

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  • Planning for the Worst Day

    IT security in the new normal requires a combination of human smarts, planning and preparation, peer guidance, and well-chosen technology. Anything less and you’re putting your campus community at risk.

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  • Blog: Locking Down Information Management Security on Campus

    Read the latest observations from cybersecurity thought leaders and additional industry research from CampusTech on the Carahsoft Community Blog.

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  • Gaining Total Visibility

    Campus IT needs a consistent view into how data flows through the network, cloud and endpoints; otherwise, security will continue to be a hit-and-miss remedy.

    • Cybersecurity, Palo Alto Networks
  • A Unifying Viewpoint for Security

    Automation of the easy stuff improves your information security efforts and makes the work that’s left far more interesting for those who do it.

    • Cybersecurity, Splunk
  • AI and the Carrot Approach to Zero-Trust Network Access

    When you tackle the job of security with artificial intelligence, the result is a liberated user base and a re-energized IT crew.

    • Cybersecurity, Blackberry
  • Protecting the Campus from the Outside In

    DNS security provides a first line of defense, helping colleges and universities protect against bad traffic coming from a multitude of directions, way before it hits the network infrastructure.

    • Cybersecurity, Infoblox
  • Uncovering the Hidden Costs of Cloud Security

    As your usage of the public cloud for secure storage expands, so does the expense. Here’s how to optimize your spending.

    • Cybersecurity, Wasabi
  • Staying on Top of Cybersecurity: A Conversation with Two University CISOs

    In this interview Tom Dugas, chief information security officer for Duquesne University, and Rick Haugerud, CISO for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, explain how Internet2’s NET+ program is helping them manage cybersecurity for their institutions.

    • Cybersecurity, All
  • Community-Powered Problem-Solving

    Nick Lewis, program manager for security and identity at Internet2, describes how the community-driven Internet2 NET+ program helps higher ed institutions get fast, proven answers to their questions and vetted solutions for their cloud and security challenges.

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  • Campus Tech Report: IT Modernization for Campus Re-entry

    As colleges and universities prepare for a return to normalcy, IT is front and center for delivering the technology services that can position schools to be stronger now than before the pandemic.

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  • Campuses Emerging Stronger

    Now that faculty, staff and students have a taste of remote work and learning, it can never entirely go away. Here’s why.

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  • Blog: IT Modernization for Campus Re-entry

    Read the insights from modernization thought leaders and additional industry research from Campus Technology on the Carahsoft Community Blog.

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  • Mastering the Art and Design of Remote Work

    Remote work and study aren’t going away; NVIDIA virtual GPU technology is essential to ensure a quality learning experience from any place and at any time.

    • IT Modernization, NVIDIA
  • Easier Identity and Access Management

    The last thing IT should burden students with is a fog of logins. The use of an identity cloud makes accessing their digital lives easier and more secure.

    • IT Modernization, Okta
  • Evolving with IT to Support Research

    Modernizing the campus approach to IT infrastructure for supporting research has never been so urgent.

    • IT Modernization, Red Hat
  • Your Starting Point for IT Optimization

    Refreshing your IT operations can only begin after you get visibility into what your infrastructure is up to.

    • IT Modernization, SolarWinds
  • Building the Virtualized Student Union

    College no longer takes place just on campus. Virtualizing operations ensures that the student experience remains consistently excellent and secure, wherever it happens.

    • IT Modernization, VMware
  • Accelerating Student Success with AI

    As colleges and universities struggle with enrollment, Google Cloud Student Success Services is poised to reinvent how institutions support and engage their students.

    • IT Modernization, Google Cloud
  • A Conversation with Jen Leasure

    The Quilt’s President and CEO discusses how her organization’s members — state research and education networks — are helping colleges and universities build and maintain new learning environments

    • IT Modernization, All