• Gaining Insight: Data Use for Campus Success

    The use of data doesn’t have to end with enhancing student services. It can also address the needs of others on and off campus. Laying the groundwork requires expert guidance and the right technology.

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  • A Keen Eye: Data Diving on Campus

    Forward-thinking IT staff have learned that they don’t have to go it alone. There are organizations and companies specializing in cybersecurity primed to help schools and districts formulate their response to the unique challenges they face. Many have hired top names with decades of K-12 leadership experience to influence the development of services and programs that will best serve the education segment specifically.

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  • The Absolutely Essential Higher Ed Superpower

    Gaining visibility into what’s going on inside your systems lets IT teams be proactive, and that makes all the difference in how effective they are.

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  • Why the Student Experience Matters (and What You Can Do About It)

    It’s time to embrace the student experience as a crucial data set — and experience management as a core part of your institutional tech stack.

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  • It’s Time to Re-imagine Your Front Door

    The secret to updating the digital experiences your college offers is to consider how the best digital players are solving the same problems for their higher ed clients.

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  • Seeking a Modern Search Experience

    The online user experience has — in some cases — become the only one people have with your campus. Is it as effective as it can be?

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  • When Live Virtual Learning Really Works

    The best courses deliver collaborative learning experiences that engage and inspire learners. Your virtual learning platform can either help or hinder that pursuit.

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  • The Long Wait: Why It’s Time for Higher Ed to Embrace Automation

    No other segment will benefit more than education, where rote work abounds.

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  • Partnering for Smarter and More Efficient Purchasing

    It doesn’t matter how innovative your campus wants to be. If you can’t get the products and services when they’re needed at a price your institution can afford, those innovations will remain nothing more than good ideas.

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