Automation: The Phase that Stands Out

Today’s Innovation in Government Report highlights the government’s IT modernization challenges. Jeff Reilly, the Senior Director of the Americas' Commercial Presales for Dell EMC, says of the three phases of change that agencies need to focus on, one clearly stands out.

Within Dell EMC, we have a notion of modernize, automate, and transform. For years, folks had been trying to really adopt new storage technology faster. Modernizing is quite frankly refreshing from old to new and gaining some type of advantage. The trends now that we're seeing is how can I get into that automation layer. Automation in the sense this software is now giving us that way to create processes, and tools, and automated workflows so that I can go from a, say, a 14, 15 step process to provision a service down to a standardized workflow that'll do it for me in minutes.

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