Protecting the Supply Chain to Promote Operational Resiliency

Featuring Dan Carayiannis, Director of Public Sector for RSA Archer.

Understanding and the acceptance of the fact that their risk profile has increased significantly, and in an ongoing way needing to enhance the way that they measure and understand risk across the enterprise, so this idea of operational enterprise risk management, it has been around for a while.
But many agencies do this in a very, I won’t say archaic or necessarily all-manual way, but gathering all that data, visualizing all that information, providing that to their leadership so they can understand how to mitigate risk to the enterprise, is an area that agencies are going to need to focus on more carefully in the future.
We believe here at RSA Archer the ability to automate processes using tools, like those that we provide and others, to help capture that data, visualize that, from across the enterprise, all the different domains that live within an organization, and be able to make really good risk-based decisions, to mitigate risk to the enterprise and ensure operational resiliency.