Proving the Value of Social Media Across the U.S. Government White Paper

Never before has government had such a powerful and efficient solution for engaging citizens as they have with social media. Yet maximizing the investment in social media requires a strategic approach to social engagement. Government agencies that are doing it well have mastered a way to adopt a human-centric approach when engaging with citizens on social. But there’s a lot of work still to do—government is still perceived as being the most annoying industry on social media.

Now more than ever, state, federal, and local governments that are looking to embrace the power of social media must adopt tools to ensure good outcomes. Social media management solutions can simplify social engagement and pay for themselves in the form of operational efficiencies, streamlined service delivery, and improved citizen satisfaction with government interactions.

This white paper explores the value of social media as an agent to drive efficient, effective, and citizen-centric government engagement.