Pick Projects That Produce Real Savings

Today’s Innovation in Government Report highlights the government’s IT modernization challenges. David Wray, the chief technologist for Micro Focus Government Solutions, says federal CIOs should pick projects that produce real savings, not just cost avoidance.

When you modernize an architecture, it allows you to reduce unplanned work, it allows you to be more efficient. That doesn't necessarily save costs. So one of the tricks with the working capital fund with MGT is to pick the projects that are actually going to reduce cost savings, not cost avoidance. They can have a balanced portfolio approach where they get to the cost efficiency. You know, if I was a CIO, I'd be getting started with cost savings, which are things like IT asset management, software asset management, because you can tie that directly to contracts that exist today in your organization. And, when you reduce, for example, software, you're reducing the contract spend. It's very easy to identify savings.

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