Cloud, Security, Automation: The Three-legs of the IT Transformation Stool

Featuring David Wray, the Public Sector Chief Technology Officer at Micro Focus Government Solutions.

Things like advanced correlation, and collection of events and data, as well as analytics and remediation of those events, things that we, quite frankly, could've done in phase one and phase two, weren't really part of scope of CDM. Now that they are, it enables us to couple that with some of the operational analytics and provide a true security and operations center, versus an independent NOC and SOC for agencies, as well as tie in user behavioral analytics and machine learning, some of those capabilities as well. It opens up that aperture of requirements that a CISO can try and solve.
Some applications, quite frankly, cost a lot more money to run in the cloud based on their storage model. Some applications, you just simply can't shift and lift or move to cloud. But agencies were attempting to do that, and there was a whole lot of mistakes that occurred. With Cloud Smart, the emphasis on doing that total cost of ownership, and understanding the application type, and assessing the risk and the business or mission value of the application in the cloud in addition to the TCO, is what I commend, because it's something that was called out in Cloud First. They should do an assessment first, but there was not a prescriptive model on how to do it.