Cloud Smart Means Taking a Data-First Strategy

Featuring Ed Krejcik, Manager of Presales Engineers for the Unstructured Business Data Unit at Dell Technologies.

80% of the data being created today is unstructured data. And the ability to store all that data is key as to, you know, how we can do that efficiently and effectively while still being able to provide business tools that are going to give us the business intelligence we need from that data.
You know, we use data intelligence and business intelligence analytics to be able to do things that normally weren't done, you know, I'll say in a previous data era. Now we're really approaching things from a data-first perspective, and really placing the value on the data more so than just the internal infrastructure that stores it all.
Because there's so much data, because the the data infrastructure is so monolithic - or it can be depending on, you know, the type of data and the agencies and what they're doing with the data - they've got to be able to have flexible consumption models that allow them to pay for what they're using, you know, I talked about the difference between a scale-up and a scale-out type of architecture and being able to do all that planning, and to be able to put in a footprint that I can grow into over a period of time.
But now it's like with the flexible consumption models that are coming to light, everything as a service, the agencies now have the ability to pay for only what they use, and that's huge and it's also a big change in the color of money. It changes it from an operating or changes it from a capital expense to an operating expense.