• Cloud Smart Means Taking a Data-First Strategy

    Ed Krejcik, Manager of Presales Engineers for the Unstructured Business Data Unit at Dell, explores how organizations can store data efficiently and effectively, while still providing tools to give business and mission areas the intelligence needed to make decisions.

    • Big Data, Cloud, Dell Technologies
  • Finding Opportunities for Modernization

    Tony Powell, Chief Strategist and Innovation Officer at Dell Technologies, discusses the challenges and opportunities in front of IT leaders today.

    • IT Modernization, Dell Technologies
  • Accelerating Mission Success at the Edge

    Kirsten Billhardt, Global Marketing Director for Edge and IoT Solutions at Dell Technologies, examines how faster access to insights opens up new opportunities for employee engagement and innovation.

    • Edge Computing, Dell Technologies
  • Leaders In Innovation: Cloud Edition Interview

    Steve Harris, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Public Sector at Dell Technologies, and Bill Rowan, Vice President for Federal Sales at VMware, discuss the latest developments in cloud with Federal News Network’s Executive Editor Jason Miller.

    • Cloud, CMMC, Dell Technologies, VMware
  • Leaders In Innovation: Cloud Edition Executive Brief

    Learn from leaders at Customs and Border Patrol, Department of Justice, Department of State, General Services Administration, National Science Foundation, Securities and Exchange Commission, and United States Postal Service on how they've embraced and evolved the Cloud Smart approach to IT modernization within their teams and agencies. Featuring additional insights from technology leaders at Dell Technologies and VMware.

    • Cloud, Dell Technologies, VMware
  • The Perfect Storm Behind the Rise of AI

    Jay Boisseau of Dell Technologies says that more data coupled with affordable computing power and better algorithms are making AI accessible for government.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Dell Technologies
  • The Future of Digital Transformation

    Steve Septoff, Vice President of Federal Sales at Dell Technologies, discusses how the increase in remote work is intensifying the government’s push for IT modernization.

    • IT Modernization, Dell Technologies
  • Protecting the Data That Matters Most

    Tony Encinias, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, State and Local Government for Dell Technologies, shares best practices to simplify data protection and compliance.

    • Big Data, Dell Technologies
  • Teaching Agencies to Modernize

    Cameron Chehreh, CTO for Public Sector at Dell EMC, explains how the U.S. Air Force is an example for organizations that want to modernize their use of IT.

    • Dell Technologies, IT Modernization
  • Transforming Data into Value

    Ed Krejcik, Manager of Isilon Systems Engineers at Dell EMC, says the growing focus on data capital is a catalyst for key modernization technologies.

    • Dell Technologies, IT Modernization
  • Unlocking the Insights Buried in Data

    Cameron Chehreh, CTO of Dell EMC, explains how AI-driven intelligence is revolutionizing customer engagement and IT transformation.

    • Dell Technologies, Artificial Intelligence
  • Efficiency, transparency, simplicity: The 3-legged stool of data protection

    Brad Montgomery, Director of Presales Engineering with Dell EMC, talks with Jason Miller, Executive Editor at Federal New Radio, about how hackers are attacking public and private sector organizations for their data more aggressively than ever - and how agencies can stop them.

    • Dell Technologies, IT Modernization
  • Mapping the Route to IT Transformation

    Learn why agencies must be strategic about transforming IT while staying on top of daily operational needs from Steve Harris, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Dell EMC Federal.

    • Dell Technologies, IT Modernization
  • Zeroing in on Data Center Modernization

    Discover how agencies can find a balance between the data center and the tactical edge from Cameron Chehreh, Chief Technology Officer at Dell EMC Federal, and how that balance is driving IT transformation efforts.

    • Dell Technologies, IT Modernization
  • The Keys to Achieving Bigger Dividends from Federal IT Modernization

    This tech brief, sponsored by Dell EMC and produced by FedScoop, outlines strategies agencies can use to produce higher returns on IT modernization, including rethinking piece-meal assignments, transforming business approaches and future-proofing your technology.

    • Dell Technologies, IT Modernization